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Why Us

Clarke Financial Planning & Insurance Services

We Never Forget that We Work for You

We’ll work with companies or communities of any size. Let us prove that we’re worthy of being your first choice for group insurance and pension plans.

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Clarke Financial Planning and Insurance Services is an independent financial brokerage that deals with the top insurance, pension, and investment companies. We represent your interests. Our dedicated, licensed, and professionally trained employees provide friendly and knowledgeable advice and services. We never forget that we work for you.

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We are different because we:

  • Deal with most insurance carriers and investment firms.

  • Provide summary comparisons of all group insurance and pension investment quotes.

  • Sit with all parties involved and provide unbiased advice to each party.

  • Provide individual advice to each employee at benefit plan sign-up.

  • Deal directly with employees’ concerns and questions through our toll-free services.

  • Operate by yearly written terms of reference.

  • Follow up with regularly written benefit plan reports.

  • Understand provincial and federal pension legislation.

  • Design ongoing employee benefit plan education seminars. 
  • Have good working relationships with funding and regulatory agencies.

  • Have professionally qualified aboriginal people on staff.

  • Developed the tax-exempt pension income process.

  • Are a 100% First Nations owned and operated firm.

  • Maintain the highest errors and omission insurance available.

  • Have licensed customer service representatives working in our Winnipeg office.

  • Provide client support via the Goldmine client management database system.

  • Do business with First Nations entities that have from 5 employees to 500 employees.